Leverage Online

Creating sign language awareness online and Provide equitable opportunities for Deaf communities in Kenya through technology.

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About Us

Leverage Online started with a goal of minimizing the miscommunication gap between the deaf and the hearing in the society online.

Vision, Mission, and Objective

  • Vision: Provide equitable opportunities for Deaf communities in Kenya through technology.
  • Mission: Normalizing the use of sign language among the hearing in the society.
  • Objective: To increase awareness about sign language in the society among the youth, organizations, institutions, and corporates.
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Why Leverage Online?

Leverage Online creates seeks to bring together the Deaf communities and the hearing society through establishing a common communication culture.

E-learning services

The platform provides content ranging from sign language, technology, business and other skills for both deaf and hearing with one on one instructor sessions.

Tutoring services

Individuals can develop content meant for both deaf and hearing freely or paid packages.

Interpretation Services

Hire the best sign language interpreters for your business, events, marketing etc at affordable fees through Leverage Online.

Our Team

Zipeta Nabwala

Founder & Team Lead

Zipeta Nabwala is a Content Writer with a background experience in Software Development for 3 years. Zipeta together with Jacton came up with Leverage Online to help the hearing learn sign langauge and work with Deaf communities across Kenya.

Jacton Ambalwa

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Jacton Ambalwa is a proficient project manager with 2 years of experience. He is also an excellent Digital Marketer with a focus in uplifitng the lives of Deaf communities in Kenya.

Mary Mwaura

Partner and Disability Champion

Mary Mwaura is a skilled sign language interpreter and has worked with the marginalized communities for over 3 years. Mary currently works with NandiYSD organization, and has partnered with Leverage Online towards impacting the Deaf communities in Nandi County.